Site Feature Info

The following site features are available for district webmasters. These are beta site features and have been developed quickly to provide additional features from the main function of this site and the underlying database. Additional development will occur as time, resources, and priorities permit.

Unit Search

The unit search is available at

The default page allows you to return a list of units by unit type. Additionally, you can filter by a specific district and search for a particular unit number. The results list provides a link to the unit information on Data is maintained via the Youth Recruitment Planner by unit volunteers, district volunteers, and council staff).

If the unit has entered a website in the Youth Recruitment Planner, the website link is also shown on the results list. Due to varied lengths of websites, it is listed as simple link indicating a website is entered. Hover over the link to see the address, click the link to open the site in a new window.

Enhanced features: Append the following query strings to the URL for enhanced features

District Unit Map

This page provides a google-map of units of a particular type. Data is pulled from the Youth Recruitment Planner database based on the Meeting Location Address or, if that is not available, the Sponsoring Organization Address.

The map works best when returning only units of one particular type (if trying to show multiple types many units are at the same address and you may be unable to see all records).

The map will center on the last unit it locates

Parameters: (All parameters are optional, default listed below)

  • Mode: Sets if it is a static map or an interactive search map. (default=map) Values:
    • "map": Returns a map with units based on the other parmeters
    • "search": Returns a Search box to map units within X miles of an address
  • DistrictNumber (map mode only): The district ID number of units to return. Contact your DE for the number. (Default= all units are returned)
  • UnitTypeAbbrv: The unit type to map (P=Pack, T=Troop, C=Crew, E=Post, V=Team).
    • In Map mode: returns all units of that type (Default= all unit types returned. Note: units at identical locations will only show one icon)
    • In Search mode: sets the default of the drop down list
  • Zoom: A value of 0-20 to indicate the zoom level of the map. (map mode only, default=7) You will need to play around with this to find the best zoom for your particular district. 0=Whole earth, each subsequent value doubles the zoom.
  • MapView: Sets the type of map to display. (Default=0)
  • Valid Values:
    • 0: Normal
    • 1: Satellite
    • 2: Hybrid
    • 3: Physical
    • 11: MapMakerNormal
    • 12: MapMakerHybrid
  • MapHeight: Sets the map height (Default=512)
  • MapWidth: Sets the map width (Default=512)
  • CenterLat: Sets the latitudeof where to center the map (requires CenterLong) (Default=Last unit mapped)
  • CenterLong: Sets the longitude of where to center the map (requires CenterLat) (Default=Last unit mapped)


You can embed this map on another webpage using an iFrame:
<iframe src=" " width="560px" height="570px"></iframe>

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